Octavia E Butler…RIP

OK, I’m just a little late considered Ms. Butler died in February of last year, but I’m just now getting done her last novel “Fledgling”. I don’t want to finish it, but I have to find out what happens. It’s weird, but I want to prolong this book as long as possible. Mostly because I know I’ll never read any new writings from her again.

Although Wikipedia does a much better job that I will, Ms.Butler was one of the few (the only one that I knew of anyhow) African American females writing Science Fiction. The easiest way to describe her writing is that it was very fluid and imaginitive. Although she wrote a number of Novels that were a part of a series, the first novel of hers i read was called “Kindred”.  The other easy way for me to tell what I liked about her writing was that I liked her just the same way I liked early Stephen King. With early King, (The Stand) although I liked the story and wanted to find out how it ended, the joy of King’s early work was the joy of reading his words. Most recently with King’s books (The Cell), I skipped forward pages whenever I could. Note that he still hooked me and I wanted to know how it ended, I just didn’t particularly care for the journey

So, if you are in the mood, go to a library, or run to Amazon and try out one of her books. Kindred is a good place to start.

Ms. Butler, thank you for wonderful joy of reading your work


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