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Why I back Jack or Dave

OK, originally, this was going to be a post of why I support Jack Markell for Governor. That may still turn out to be the case, but Dave Burris over at First State Politics has announced that he is considering running for Governor. So now I have no idea who I may ultimately support. But let me tell you why I may support either of these candidates for Governor

A little background about me: I have worked for the State of Delaware for over 20 years. My first eight years I was a Correctional Officer and the last twelve years I have worked as a computer network/ IT guy for several state agencies. I will put it to you as delicately as I’m in the mood to: THERE IS SEVERE NEED FOR CHANGE in Delaware State Government. Let me list the things that I’d like in a Governor/and or political system

  1. I’d like in a Governor who, I perceive, that can understand the issues.
  2. I’d like a Governor who would stand by their convictions. This particular administration seems to have been put in place to grant political favors for certain people. With the exception of the smoking ban, the Governor hasn’t done anything remotely original or risky.
  3. I’d like a political system that would be open and transparent, not behind closed doors or decided by the BIG HEADS
  4. I’d like actual debate on the issues, not closed away in some desk drawer.

Even if I disagree on some of the issues with each candidate, I think both would do a good job for this state.


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