GTA4 vs Fallout 3 and the winner is….


To give you some background, although I own all three main gaming systems (to be covered in another blog post) I don’t buy games, I rent them from Blockbuster. I have a Blockbuster online membership, and as part of that membership, I receive a free game coupon per month. Generally, I rent games from Blockbuster, and if I like them well enough, rent them multiple times until I finish them. Mid 2008 I rented Grand Theft Auto 4 from Blockbuster and was immediately hooked. The gameplay was pretty straight-forward, the snark in the various radio stations played while you drove the various cars was funny, and some of the scenes were interesting. I rented GTA 4 a total of 4 times until..

I rented Fallout 3. 2 Days into playing Fallout 3 I bought the game. Why?

Fallout 3 is a combination First Person Shooter/Role Playing game set in the year 2072 (or something like that). Your character is basically dumped into a world that has been nearly destroyed by a nuclear war. Like Oblivion (a RP game made by the same company) you wander around what’s left of Washington DC stopping by certain towns. In those towns you end up getting quests (the first quest is to find your father) and have multiple interactions with the world around you. You can choose to play the game as a good character, a morally neutral character, an evil character, or anywhere in between. In Fallout 3, your interactions and decisions actually affect your choices later in the game.

So I played through the game as a “good” character and as soon as I got done, I started playing as an evil character. Well, that lasted only so long until I started playing as a good character again. And in this case, that’s why I like Fallout 3 better than GTA 4. With GTA 4, your goal is to steal cars/ deal drugs, evade the police etc. No method of playing as a “good” character. And even though GTA 4 has boobs J I just can’t get into it as much as Fallout 3. I rented GTA4 last week and played it just once for about an hour and got bored.

So the Winner is Fallout 3. Both games have great graphics and gameplay systems, I think the replay value of Fallout 3 gives it the edge. I’ve played Fallout 3 through twice, and as soon as my stepson gets done playing it, I’m going to start on #3


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  1. finally someone else who finds gta 4 boring even with mods gta is boring but fallout 3 have alot of mods not only adding more quests but armors weapons perks ect fallout 3 has a better storyline as well you are alone in a post apocaliptic world with no help except your wits and your guns


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