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My Top Ten Films of All Time (Part 1)

My Top Ten Films of All Time (Part 1)

I thought about this one night and thought I’d throw my thoughts out there on what I consider to be my favorite films of all time. You’ll probably notice a larger number of SCI/FI films on here. Another consideration I make in compiling this list is how many times I’ve watched the films in question. You know how it goes, you’re channel surfing and up pops up a movie that you love (and may even have the DVD to) and you still watch it.

1 Casablanca

For me, all film discussions start and end with this movie. There is not one minute in this film I don’t love. Ask me for my favorite scene and I’d say “the whole movie”. Additionally, the movie extras on the HD-DVD disk are great. I could even listen to Roger Ebert’s commentary (and in it, his love for the movie really shines through) and enjoy this movie. This is also a movie I hope they never attempt to remake.

2 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

OK, a little about me. You know the comic book guy in The Simpsons? That’s me. Peter Jackson (director) filmed what I thought was the most unfilmable books I have ever read. And he made me love his vision. Did he miss a few things? Yes. But his film captured the essence of the three books perfectly.

The Best Scenes from the three

  • Borimor’s protracted scene in which he dies trying to protect the Hobbits
  • When Gandalf bails out the whole crew in The Two Towers near the end of the film
  • When all of the crowd assembled joins the King in bowing before the Hobbits in the third installment

Was the ending in The Return of the King too long? Sure. But I was with the whole theater in which I saw ROTK in crying my eyes out for about the last 20 minutes of the movie. First, because of the beauty of the scene (and if you’ve ever imagined something in a book and finally see it on screen even better than you imagined it, you know what I’m talking about) and second, because our lives were not going to be run on when the next LOTR was coming out.


3 The Godfather (1 and 2)

Really not much I could add to one of the most run movies on cable. Better writers than me have waxed poetically on this movie. Although oddly enough, I don’t own this movie on either DVD or Blu-Ray.


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