My Top Ten Films of All Time (Part 2)

For this installment of my list, I’m going to ignore some of my rules for picking my favorite movies. For the most part, I consider movies that I’ve watched multiple times. Additionally, I consider how well the movie has aged over time. One reason you don’t see any of the Star Wars films here is I don’t think that they have aged well. When I watch them now, I barely even like them.

4) The Matrix

Notice that I’ve not included any of the sequels. In fact the reason that this film is here and not a bit higher on my list is the fact that I consider both sequels (and I really hate Matrix Reloaded) to be very average at best. But the original, the best science fiction film ever. The groundbreaking special effects alone are worth the price of admission

5) Seven

Breaking rule #1 here. I’ve only seen this movie once. I find the movie so unsettling (and not because of the gore/blood) that I’ll never watch it again, but I thought it was a fine piece of filmmaking.

6) Angel Heart

Breaking rule # 2 here. I watched this movie a few times , but I haven’t seen it recently. I remember reading a review of this one and the quote from the reviewer goes something along the lines of ” The first ¾ of this movie is the finest film ever”. I’d agree. I’ve added this movie to my Blockbuster Queue, but I’m not sure how it has aged. Additionally, once you know the twist, can this movie still be effective? I’m not sure. All I know is that when I first saw this movie, for the first hour and a half I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If you did like this movie, I’d also recommend Jacobs Ladder.

Next post, I’ll cover my 7-9 movies