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Coupon Man Part 1

(To be sung to the Sunshine band tune Boogie Man)

The fine folks at Delaware Liberal have been discussing this so I thought I’d let you all in on another one of my interests. Being Frugal! (Actually, I’m just a cheap bastard, but I’m OK with it). Even before the economy hit the dumper, I’ve been doing couponing. Now with the economy the way it is, I no longer get strange looks while I’m going grocery shopping (with my rather large coupon notebook). I get “hey can you help get me started with the coupons” when they see the amount of stuff I get for next to nothing. Let me tell you how I did on my last side trip to Target. I bought the following items for $3.42

  • 4 rolls on Bounty Paper towels
  • 3 pouches of Friskies cat treats
  • 4 cans of Purina 1 dog food
  • 3 cans of friskies cat food

I’d say a pretty good haul for a place I drive by on my way home from work. How?

  1. Bounty on sale for 99c per roll 2 coupons for $1 off of 2
  2. 3 1.50 coupons on the cat treats
  3. 4 free coupons for the dog food
  4. 3 free coupons for the cat food

So to entice you even more

Stuff I Always Get For FREE (And I MEAN ALWAYS) AND Sometimes Get paid

  • Toothpaste
    • Walgreen’s regular price for regular Colgate 4.6 oz .99 Dollar coupons of Colgate Adult toothpaste found at least every other week
    • Kmart periodically runs double coupons up to 2 dollars. Generally, they have $2 coupons on the Crest ProHealth toothpaste. I save my Crest coupons until Kmart runs the double deal
    • Acme doubles coupons, so when they have toothpaste on sale, if I have a 50 or 75 cent coupon, I may get the overage. Overage is when the coupon (doubled or not) is higher than the price of the item. Some stores (Acme) process the coupon as issued creating a moneymaker. Some stores will manually change the coupon to match the price, some won’t. Most of this depends on the cashier or the store’s POS system.
  • Check Mix, Bugles, Cherrios Snack Mix
    • I get lots of coupons for the above. At least every 6 weeks Acme runs them at 1 dollar a piece. My coupons range from 55 to 75 cents making these items free
  • Cookie Mixes (Betty Crocker)
    • More doubled coupon madness at Acme. The thing to consider is that you have to wait until they go on sale and then stock up on them.
  • Pert Plus Shampoo
    • This one is usually a little more work, but either Walgreens or Rite Aid will offer a coupon for 1.50 off of Pert Plus. Both of those stores allows you to combine a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon. This will generally bring the price down to zero. I probably have 6 bottles of this shampoo in my closet.
  • Gillette Men’s Body Wash
    • Generally, the coupon inserts will have $2 coupons. When Kmart does their double coupon magic, this Body Wash is free!
  • Suave Body Wash/Shampoo
    • Generally an Acme purchase. They’ll either run a special or have a clearance on a particular fragrance. With the double coupon, usually free. I also have used this for Kmart when they are running a special
  • Frozen vegetables
    • A little more work. But someone has them on sale at some point in time, and when they do, I swoop in and stockpile everything I have good coupons for

Tomorrow, I’ll cover some general coupon basics (and tell about stuff I get reallllllyyyy cheap). But I want to point out, that I do purchase other things that cost money. I just don’t pay for things I don’t need to.


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