Coupon Man Part2

As promised, I’ll cover some coupon basics in this post. What I think would be useful: A Glossary of terms generally used to couponing

  • OOP-Out Of Pocket. Usually used to show what was purchased with what it cost you in cash to buy the items in question
  • IP—Internet Printable coupon. There various ways to get these., the manufacturers website,, etc. Generally, you need to install the coupon printer. You generally have a limit per computer on printing coupons. Usually, if it’s a real good coupon, I’ll print 2, my wife will print 2, and I’ll get on my son’s computer and print 2 also
  • B1G1 or B0G0—Buy one (or two) and get one (or two or three) free.
  • Peelies—These are coupons that the manufacturer puts on the item itself. You peel them off and present them to the cashier
  • Stacking coupons—The practice of using a store coupon (mostly CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid) and a manufacturers coupon on an item.
  • Coupon Doubling—When the store doubles the coupon’s value.
  • Overage—When the coupon value (when doubled) exceeds the price of the item. Depending on the POS system at the store, you can consider this cash back (although you’ll never actually receive the cash back)
  • CATALINA—This is the practice of receiving a coupon on your next visit if you buy X dollars or x number of items. I’ll cover this in detail next post
  • Rolling CATALINA—This is the practice of taking my $10 CATALINA and using it to purchase items to receive another CATALINA. Very advanced. This is how you get hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for 20 bucks or so.

So, let’s look at something (usually covered in Marketing 101 in college) that factors into understanding how to use coupons wisely.

The Push-Pull marketing strategy.

With the PP marketing strategy, the manufacturer looks to pull you into the store. They do this by lowering their price at certain grocery stores, thereby the specials you see at the grocery store. Additionally they look to push you into the store. This is generally done via coupons and advertisements. They do not usually happen the same week!
What the manufacturer hopes is that when the coupon comes for Frosted Flakes, I’ll buy it that week and 2 weeks later, when the store puts it on sale, I’ll buy it then also. Of course I don’t do it that way, but a lot of people do.

Using B0G0 to get a great deal

4 days ago, I got the following items at Safeway for $3.32

  1. 5 Betty Crocker cake mixes
  2. 5 Betty Crocker frostings
  3. 5 Betty Crocker cookie mixes
  4. Potato Bread for the wife

How? The Betty Crocker items were all Buy 2 get 3 free. With a B0G0, you can use coupons for all of the items, even the free items. SO. Shelf price of $1.89 for all of the Betty Crocker stuff. At that point that gives us 11.34 for the items. I have 10 coupons for the frostings and the cookie mixes. Safeway doubles non-IP coupons so I had 5 non-IP coupons that were doubled, 1 peelie, and 4 IP coupons. The potato bread was 1.79 so basically I got all of the cake mixes, etc for 1.50.

OK, so the cake mixes, etc may not be the most healthy things to buy. BUT When I show you the CATALINA possibilities, you may change you mind a bit.


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