Hack of the Month #2 Telling the Cable company To @#$% off Preview

OK, First the ground rules 🙂  Off and On during the next month I’m going to try and pretend that I’ve turned Cable TV off, but being the TV junkie I am, have to get my fix from the Internet. There are a couple of possibilities, one of them requires hooking a computer to your TV, one of them requires setting up what is called a Media Extender, and in some cases, I may be able to access this from my Playstation 3

This will be a work in progress, as my sound system is in the shop being repaired. I don’t expect to get all of these part finished until the end of July. In the next few days, I’m going to cover the basic terminology. For my purposes, I’m going to grade each of these methods by seeing if I can watch the following shows:

Rescue Me

Burn Notice

The Closer


I’m interested in seeing what happens


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