The Windows 8 Preview Experience-First Impressions

So I downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (I guess we don’t call these things Beta’s anymore) and installed it last night. Here are a few quick inpressions

Test Machine:

Dell Latitude D430


Dual Core Processor

This machine is slightly better that a netbook, but because of the motherboard, will only take a 2GB of RAM at most.  This machine is not a powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination, so this might be interesting. As I go through living with this machine (I have a real desktop, so I won’t lose too much sleep with bad productivity 🙂

I downloaded the consumer preview ISO and started the install at 8:39 PM. By 9:00 I had a new operating system. This is probably the fastest I’ve ever been able to install an operating system.

So my first impressions:

  1. Where the @#$%  is my Start button! The default interface is the Metro interface that is presently used by Windows phone. Although I’m somewhat familiar with the Metro interface, I can see that the change will be quite jarring for many users.
  2. Where’s my Windows Live Apps? For whatever reason, Microsoft doesn’t have a Windows 8 version of Windows Live yet.
  3. The boot time is really fast!
  4. I really wish I had a touch screen on this laptop. Although Microsoft claims that Windows 8 will work with just a mouse and keyboard, I’d really like to see what a convertible tablet (Lenovo, I’m  available for beta testing) would do with this OS.

I’ll periodically post on this subject. If you have questions, leave a comment, and if I can, I’ll try to answer them


One Response

  1. I would have to agree with you Woody. I downloaded the the Developers Preview a few months back and thought it was a nice change. To keep my machine safe I previewed it in VMWare Workstation. As you said boot time was excellent and it took awhile before I found the start button. I would have to say its like a mixture of Xbox Kinect and Windows Mobile. A large touch screen monitor or using the kinect peripheral would be AWESOME! I will have to update it to see what your seeing now. A by the way it’s nice to see your blogs still going even after the MIDNIGHT RAMBLER.


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