Top Ten Movies of All Time Part3

We are now in the second half of these posts. I felt like taking a break from my couponing posts, but I’ll get another one of those out tomorrow (probably)

7) Apollo 13

This is a movie that I watch on cable all of the time, and just like most of my favorites, I’ll watch it the whole way through. In a weird sort of way, I consider this the ultimate guys film. All of the stars, save one, are guys. The space program at the time was constituted of nothing but guys. My favorite parts of the film?

  • All of the Mission control scenes. Ed Harris gives a wonderful performance, and when they safely land, he makes it OK for all of the guys in the audience to cry.
  • When the engineers have to fix the C02 scrubbing apparatus with very little parts. “We’ve got to make this go into this, with nothing but this!” The geeky side of me goes nuts during this scene
  • When Gary Sinies’s character gives back the flashlight while trying to work the reentry procedure saying, ” They don’t have this flashlight up there. Don’t give me anything they don’t have up there”

Not as fond of the space stuff in this film, but it’s not that distracting.

8) The Dark Knight

Best comic book movie ever!!! And for now, the best reason to get a blue-ray player. The first 15 minutes in this film (the bank robbery) was filmed in IMAX and is just stunning on a Blue Ray player and HDTV. Although I liked most of the performances in this film, the one you know that will resonate will be the late Heath Ledger’s performance. I liked the first Tim Burton Batman (with Jack Nicholson as the Joker) but, honestly, we’re not even talking in the same ballpark here. Ledger has created a character that I hope is never played again that I’ll remember forever. I’ve got to give some props to the director, Chris Nolan. I’ve watched most of his films, and I’ve not seen one I’ve not liked yet.

9) Monty Python’s The Holy Grail

Funniest movie ever! I remember watching this as a teenager every time in came on WHYY late nights (either Friday or Sat) nights. We’d stop playing D&D or Kingmaker and sit through this whole thing. “And there was great rejoicing” The only thing that could be added would be more nudity J

Next part I’ll disclose my three way tie for 10th place on my list and touch on a few movies that just quite didn’t make the cut.



My Top Ten Films of All Time (Part 2)

For this installment of my list, I’m going to ignore some of my rules for picking my favorite movies. For the most part, I consider movies that I’ve watched multiple times. Additionally, I consider how well the movie has aged over time. One reason you don’t see any of the Star Wars films here is I don’t think that they have aged well. When I watch them now, I barely even like them.

4) The Matrix

Notice that I’ve not included any of the sequels. In fact the reason that this film is here and not a bit higher on my list is the fact that I consider both sequels (and I really hate Matrix Reloaded) to be very average at best. But the original, the best science fiction film ever. The groundbreaking special effects alone are worth the price of admission

5) Seven

Breaking rule #1 here. I’ve only seen this movie once. I find the movie so unsettling (and not because of the gore/blood) that I’ll never watch it again, but I thought it was a fine piece of filmmaking.

6) Angel Heart

Breaking rule # 2 here. I watched this movie a few times , but I haven’t seen it recently. I remember reading a review of this one and the quote from the reviewer goes something along the lines of ” The first ¾ of this movie is the finest film ever”. I’d agree. I’ve added this movie to my Blockbuster Queue, but I’m not sure how it has aged. Additionally, once you know the twist, can this movie still be effective? I’m not sure. All I know is that when I first saw this movie, for the first hour and a half I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If you did like this movie, I’d also recommend Jacobs Ladder.

Next post, I’ll cover my 7-9 movies

My Top Ten Films of All Time (Part 1)

My Top Ten Films of All Time (Part 1)

I thought about this one night and thought I’d throw my thoughts out there on what I consider to be my favorite films of all time. You’ll probably notice a larger number of SCI/FI films on here. Another consideration I make in compiling this list is how many times I’ve watched the films in question. You know how it goes, you’re channel surfing and up pops up a movie that you love (and may even have the DVD to) and you still watch it.

1 Casablanca

For me, all film discussions start and end with this movie. There is not one minute in this film I don’t love. Ask me for my favorite scene and I’d say “the whole movie”. Additionally, the movie extras on the HD-DVD disk are great. I could even listen to Roger Ebert’s commentary (and in it, his love for the movie really shines through) and enjoy this movie. This is also a movie I hope they never attempt to remake.

2 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

OK, a little about me. You know the comic book guy in The Simpsons? That’s me. Peter Jackson (director) filmed what I thought was the most unfilmable books I have ever read. And he made me love his vision. Did he miss a few things? Yes. But his film captured the essence of the three books perfectly.

The Best Scenes from the three

  • Borimor’s protracted scene in which he dies trying to protect the Hobbits
  • When Gandalf bails out the whole crew in The Two Towers near the end of the film
  • When all of the crowd assembled joins the King in bowing before the Hobbits in the third installment

Was the ending in The Return of the King too long? Sure. But I was with the whole theater in which I saw ROTK in crying my eyes out for about the last 20 minutes of the movie. First, because of the beauty of the scene (and if you’ve ever imagined something in a book and finally see it on screen even better than you imagined it, you know what I’m talking about) and second, because our lives were not going to be run on when the next LOTR was coming out.


3 The Godfather (1 and 2)

Really not much I could add to one of the most run movies on cable. Better writers than me have waxed poetically on this movie. Although oddly enough, I don’t own this movie on either DVD or Blu-Ray.